Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Getting started with Electric Imp and RGB LED Tail

Electric Imp is again a cool DIY WiFi enabled development platform.It is look like SD card! But it is not an SD card. This one is a cortex M3 processor core.All stuff related to Electric imp is highly innovative.When i got this card for the first time, i was really excited wow what a cool memory card.But when i read about this i understood that this is not even an SD card.We have already discussed couple of WiFi development boards here like esp8266 and particle photon.
    Unlike others there are some cool things in configuring Electric Imp.WiFi configuration is transferred from smartphone to card ,that's too optically!!!!. Yeah!The WiFi credentials are transferred to electric imp card using electric imp app . All the coding is in web IDE we have to write a device code and agent code for a web based app development using electric imp.coding is done in electric imp ide .Imp is housed during working in impee april or other breakout hookup boards,This is a memory card shield like device.Coding in Imp is in language “squirrel”which is similar to C.
Imp with Neopixel
There are many ready-to-connect shield are available for Electric imp.RGB LED tail and env sensor tail are examples.This tutorial explains a simple demo project with RGB LED tail for that you need to create an account in   electric imp. You should sign in in electric imp mobile app and set wifi credentials.then we can create model in IDE.we will have to create two code
1.device code
2.agent code



Now flash the above device code to your imp.After flashing you can see the device is online, agent will be online also.Now you will get agent link on that you can change the light effects in neopixel
For example consider this agent link

You can change the effect”glow” to “looper” by changing the URL as

Here i made a simple DIY decoration lamp using this thing. 

hackster project is given below