Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Arduino Wireless Remote with 2.5GHz NRF24L01

In many projects we may need wireless communication between different microcontrollers.For that we are using different modules like XBee/Zigbee, simple RF,bluetooth/BLE etc.Now on this blog I am going to explain a different wireless transceiver module NRF24L01 which is working on 2.5GHz ISM band frequency.

I was so lazy to work on this module since this is not a breadboard friendly module and i was not having female to male headers.And I was too lazy to make a connection circuit to this module to breadboard.Meanwhile i got an invitation from collaborizm a platform for entrepreneurs/engineers/creatives.I was about to have a look on a project on NRF24L01.So I tested my module for the first time.

NRF24L01 is designed for ultra low power wireless applications.It is a transceiver with an embedded base band protocol engine named Enhanced ShockBurst™.The module can be interfaced with arduino or any other microcontrollers via SPI bus.

  1. In wireless PC peripherals like keyboard,Mouse etc
  2. Remotes
  3. Toys
  4. Home automation
  5. Asset tracking systems
  6. Active RFID systems
  7. Ultra low power sensor networks
Demo project 
Here I am going to showcase a simple NRF24L01 based transmitter and receiver.Transmitter is act as remote control and receiver will ON/OFF a  LED in accordance with the data received.I am using arduino pro minis as my microcontrollers you can use your own arduinos.
you can  find the  arduino library for nrf24l01 here


  • vcc-----3.3V
  •  GND----GND
  • MISO---pin12
  • MOSI---pin11
  • SCN---pin10
  • SCK---PIN13
  • CE----pin9
The connection is same for both transmitter and receiver you can find the fritzing project  files here